Save the (insert name here)

So here we go…

Once upon a time there was this person just doing life when, all of a sudden out of the blue, along came a flood of lies and propaganda and misinformation and truth with the intent to deceive and foolish assumptions and illogical leaps of intuition and crazy politics and… well, you get the idea.  For awhile this person was inundated by the information and misinformation storming down.  But then, there was a little bug. And it flew in front of the person, who noticed it (somehow amongst the throngs of people vying for attention to their soapbox rants and railings and tooth gnashing etc.), and began to watch it fly to and fro and eventually settle down on a little flower growing in some grass.  The flower was almost invisible from the person’s viewpoint amid the crowd vying for attention and so the person stepped down off of the sidewalk strewn with pedestals and riff raff into the grass and with one great stride…

Walked over and bent down and looked at the tiny little violet growing in the bluegrass field.  The person thought they could smell the flower, and as the tiny insect busily went about it’s business, knelt down and sniffed the air around the pretty purple blossom.  Sure enough there was a delicious scent emanating from our darling bud and before long the person was lying on the grass reveling in a long forgotten reminder of life before the deluge of ‘living’ drowned out the sweetness of simply being.

And it is here that our story begins.

And no, it is not actually a story, even though that is how we started out.  It is just simply life.  I don’t pretend to know the answers and I don’t know the questions most of the time either.  I just have thoughts and wanted to get them out.  Grammar be damned, and maybe this is a bad idea but… Aaaah!